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To create fun and beautiful mushroom powders you'll want to add to your daily rituals

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We're a wellness mushroom brand empowering people to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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Good for you

100% organic mushrooms are one of a few sources of Beta-Glucans and the ONLY vegan source of Vitamin D

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Chill Blend

Great for relaxing, netflix-and-chilling, and good vibes.

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Lion's Mane

The popular brain-food, highly requested by our customers.

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Immunity Blend

Our twist on a Golden Milk, powered by adaptogens

$28 MSRP/ Sign in to see wholesale price

The rest of the blends we currently offer:

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Cordyceps Shroom Sparkle Mushbloom
Sold out
Sold out
Beauty Blend Shroom Sparkles Blend Mushbloom
Sold out
Sold out
Turkey Tail Shroom Sparkles Mushbloom
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Mushrooms are a secret superfood. The closer we eat as nature intended, the better we think, look and feel.


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