In a time of giving, give time for self-care

This season is a time of giving, but it is also a time when we need to take care of ourselves. We all know that the holidays can be a stressful and busy time for women, but during this season it's important to make yourself a priority. The American psychological association states that woman's stress level increase during the holidays by 44%. It may seem like you have so much going on already with family obligations, cooking for days, shopping, cleaning, or social situations- why add more stress? Because we are women, that's what we do! We love caring and cooking for our families! To keep up your energy and mood during this festive time, take some time for YOU because you are worth it!

Schedule time for self-care within that packed calendar. Have a healthy outlet (alone time, meditation, yoga, walk, etc..) time to dump that stress, so you can enjoy the Holidays too! I enjoy getting up earlier than anyone in the house. I use that time for meditation and to organize my day. Or, I drink a cup of coffee with lions mane and cordyceps shroom sparkles and read a book. Currently, I am reading "Women who run with wolves".

Taking time for yourself is essential, it gives you time to recharge. It improves concentration and allows you to focus without being disturbed. Taking some time for yourself can help you to relax and refocus so that when it is holiday time, you are ready!

The holidays are a wonderful feeling of love. But they also have the power to create stress in our lives if we let them. I believe the holiday season should be marked by giving rather than taking from us or making us feel exhausted. Remember that the holidays pass just as swiftly as the meal you prepared for your family for three days. So don't stress about making it perfect! Remember, it's all about the people and the memories.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Mushbloom Team!

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